Who we are

The Fairwood Trust was born out of the funds generated through the operations of a successful social enterprise, Training Services Wales (TSW Ltd). TSW operated in Wales for over 35 years and was recognised as one of Wales’ premier, independent training organisations.  Within the TSW operation was, Training Trust Wales, which was a registered charity. The Fairwood Trust is effectively a continuation of this charity, which was renamed in 2008. The key difference was that the Fairwood Trust is a pure philanthropic organisation, with no trading arm and no fund raising intention.

The Board of Trustees wished to invest the Trust’s funds into the communities in South Wales. The key theme of this investment was education, training and skills development.  The focus was on individuals, projects and appropriate organisations that can make a difference and where possible encourage a positive contribution to the South Wales communities.

The Trustees also wished to maximise the impact of the Trust’s funds, consequently, the Trust had a limited lifespan (circa 6-7 years) and was classed as a spend out charity. This will enable a larger and faster flow of money to reach beneficiaries, thereby hopefully achieving higher impact and outcome value to those involved and their communities.