How we work

The Trust will achieve its objectives through establishing a range of partner organisations, primarily from the third sector, who will be experienced professionals within their sector.  The majority of funds will be distributed through these organisations, who will deliver projects on behalf of the Trust within the field. The Trust will intend to work collaboratively albeit from a distance with partner organisations.

Where possible, but not exclusively, the support will be focused on the most disadvantaged from our communities.  The Trust grants will also centre on the quality not quantity of applications i.e. those which create the most impact for the individuals, organisations and communities.

It is not our intention to directly fund the core costs of partner organisations. That said we will support appropriate project management costs which are focussed on these specific initiative and agreed outcomes.

The key role of the Trust will be in the selection, monitoring and evaluation of projects and fund distribution.  Coupled with this the Trust will engage and remain connected to the third sector and relevant government departments in Wales.  This will enable it to conduct research and be in touch with the needs of local communities.