How we can help

The Trust’s overall objective is to provide support to individuals and appropriate organisations in accessing and enhancing learning opportunities and personal skills development that will lead to improved employment prospects and where applicable business growth and sustainability. These approaches include: a)  Individual one off grants that encourage the growth of potential, talent and ability, through engaging individuals in formal and informal personal development programmes – be it education, training, coaching or mentoring. b)  Bursary grants mainly connected to higher education, (universities and colleges) supporting individuals over 3 years through to full qualification such as degrees and higher diploma levels. We are particularly keen to engage with those who are disadvantaged and thereby may be prevented from achieving their goals and ambitions. c)  Grants for young micro-businesses who require assistance to step up and grow to the next level.  The focus centres on a personalised, individual development pathway that will include high quality training and access to a professional coach/mentor engaged for up to 12-months.  The aim is to provide high quality support over a period of time that will help grow both the people and improve business sustainability. d)  Grants to institutions connected with education and training.  These will be carefully scrutinised in terms of the value to outcomes of projects, in particular the benefits that enhance the opportunity for individuals who otherwise may be disadvantaged through lack of support. e)  The Trust will also, if appropriate, provide a degree of non-financial in-kind support to third sector, voluntary organisations through coaching/mentoring and general advice, aimed at improving business operational performance.  Due to the Trust’s limited resource, these will be carefully considered in relation to the time commitment required. Click here to view our Application Guidance Criteria