Cardiff Metropolitan University

Fairwood Trust have long been supporters of Cardiff Metropolitan University, and pledged £25,000 per year for 3 years back in 2010. This support enabled the university to provide 25 scholarships of £1,000 per year for 3 years for students studying in the School of Management.

In 2013, Fairwood Trust agreed a further £24,000 per year for 3 years. This was to support 12 scholarships at £2,000 each per year for students studying in the School of Management or School of Education commencing their degree in September 2013.  

With both the previous and current grants, the scholarships were aimed at local students from Communities First areas in the lowest bracket of household income.  

One year on from graduation, some of them have been in touch recently with an update on what they are currently doing:  

Veronica Masubo (BSc (Hons) Economics)  

“I am currently working for Leekes Group Ltd at The Vale Resort as an Accounts Assistant. While the role is junior, I am hoping to progress soon. Thanks one more time to The Fairwood Trust for supporting me throughout my education! This is very much appreciated by myself and my family.”  

Ecaterina Sava (BA (Hons) Accounting – ACCA Accredited)  

“I owe the Fairwood Trust so much and I thank them pretty often in my thoughts. I am a self-employed person and have a few clients, mainly helping with self-assessments. However, I have put my CV through Now Careers recently and hopefully I will move towards a job and keep my self-employment just as a back-up. Being an employee as opposed to being a self-employed might secure me a further education with ACCA, as many companies are promoting continuous education.”  

Joe Mason (BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems)  

“I am very busy in my job, I am an IT Engineer for an Outsourced IT Support company called QuickSmart IT. This is exactly the kind of job I wanted to do so thank you to the Fairwood Trust for the scholarship which helped me through University which has led to my dream job!”  

Michael Hughes (BA (Hons) Events Management)  

“The scholarship was such a help to me during my time at Cardiff Met. I am working in my chosen field and working in London as a project manager for an event company. I secured the job before graduating, through a national competition for a final year event students (see link below).  

The competition has really kick started my career in the event industry allowing me to jump straight into a prestigious company and get involved with some high profile events.”  

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